Studying in Rennes

Thinking of studying at ESIR? Below are some tips for everyday life in Rennes, including accommodation, eating, transport, and cultural events.
Le vélo : transport urbain privilégié par les élèves - ingénieurs de l'ESIR

Finding accommodation

CROUS offers accommodation close to ESIR for engineering students with grants. Engineering students with grants may have access to university residences if they are receiving a state grant or are enrolled in the final year of their engineering degree.

Rennes has a range of private rented accommodation: you can consult the offers on the Regional Youth Information Centre (CRIJ)website to find single or shared accommodation. You can also find lists of furnished student residences (private sector) on websites such as Adele and Se loger.

You can also contact the ESIR Student Office (ISATI), which sometimes has information on fellow students who are leaving their accommodation.

Students can avail of the Visale guarantee (formerly Lokaviz CLE) scheme. Visale is an assistance scheme set up by Action Logement, which is responsible for organising the CROUS student rental security deposit. The Visale scheme acts as a guarantor for students who cannot provide one. Visale can provide security for a rental property for up to €1,200 over a 3-year period.

Visit the Visale platform to find out more about the paperwork required to complete your application. Please note that this is not a substitute for a home insurance policy, which must be taken out before you move into your accommodation. Students can combine the assistance from the Visale scheme with other solutions from Action Logement, available free of charge based on an assessment of social criteria.

Finally, once you've signed the paperwork for your rental accommodation, make sure you take the necessary steps to open the electricity, gas and water meters to ensure everything s working when you move in.

Where to eat

There are a number of places to eat on the Beaulieu campus, including L'Etoile which is close to ESIR. Don't forget to check out Rennes' diverse food scene: you'll find a wide range of specialities, from galette-saucisse to Brazilian dishes, especially around Place Sainte Anne. There are also plenty of bars in the historic centre of Rennes, where you can meet up after classes.

The opening hours of the various places to eat on campus are available on the Crous Rennes Bretagne website.

Getting around

The greater Rennes area is connected by an urban transport network. You can get to the Beaulieu campus by bus, metro or bike.

There is a bike workshop La Rustine de Beaulieu for students on the Beaulieu campus. Don't hesitate to contact them if you need anything.​

Going out

Rennes also has an exceptional cultural heritage. There are plenty of places visit to discover the history of Brittany, quench your thirst for science or music, satisfy your desire for theatre, and more, including the TNB, the UBU, the Liberté, the Saint-Etienne theatre, the Planetarium and the Musée des Beaux-Arts.

Rennes also hosts a variety of festivals, including La Route du Rock, Mythos, Roi Arthur, Les Tombées de la Nuit, Rue des Livres, and, of course, the Transmusicales. In the mood for a movie? Rennes has eight cinemas, two of which show arthouse films.

Rennes is also the Gateway to Brittany!

From Rennes, you can easily access to the beaches of Saint-Malo or opt for a change of scenery in the wilds of Finistère, the mystery of Brocéliande, or the castles of the Marches de Bretagne.​

Here are some links:

University libraries

ESIR is located directly opposite the university library on the Beaulieu campus, and there are also other university libraries available on the other Rennes campuses. Check the opening hours of the university libraries.


Find student health services on the different University of Rennes campuses. Healthcare, social worker: listen, advice, support and emergency care: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Phone: 02 23 69 00).

The Student Services Unit (PVE) welcomes and supports students with disabilities.

Student associations at the University of Rennes

In addition to the school's associations, the ESIR student office (ISATI) with its many clubs, and ESIR alumni association, (IDESIR) there are several student associations within the university.

You can find them in the directory of student associations on the university's student portal.

Metro, bus and self-service bikes and cars

As a student in Rennes, you can benefit from a wide range of activities that involve getting around: going to the campus, taking part in sporting activities, shopping, going out in the evening, etc. For many students, it also means having to commute between home and student accommodation on a regular basis.